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An innovation in pH monitoring.  The gopher provides accurate, real time analysis of media pH and temperature plus CO2, O2, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of the incubator.


The gopher provides embryologists an accurate, reliable and user-friendly way to monitor pH in a closed incubator without disturbing the embryo culture.


Wireless – move the pH sensor from one incubator to another without fuss
Compact – pH sensor can fit into almost any benchtop incubator
Web-Based Interface – see data from anywhere around the world with out-of-range notifications
Measurement – pH sensor does not interpret pH but actually measures pH

How do we compare?

The gopher is the only pH meter that is known to fit into any benchtop incubator without disturbing the embryo culture.

The accuracy of the gopher is only dependent on the error of the gopher itself and the buffers that are used to calibrate the gopher which adds up to only 0.03 pH units.

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