gopher ELITE

The gopher ELITE is specially designed to be used with both benchtop or box incubators and will monitor pH and temperature of the media while continuously monitoring CO2, O2, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure of the incubator.

The ELITE is simple to use and is a wireless system that allows you to move the sensor from one incubator to another without any wires.

The ELITE is perfect for those who want to perform a complete validation on any incubator as is allows the incubator to be remain undisturbed when performing all mesurments.  All measurements can be logged in one minute intervals during the course of the validation.

  • Wireless communication between monitor and a single sensor
  • Ideal for use with benchtop or box incubators
  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Records all parameters to an internal memory – pH, temperature (air and media), humidity, O2, CO2, and air pressure
  • Built in battery within the sensor module allows for 7+ days of continuous operation before recharge
  • Simple to calibrate, pH calibration can be performed in less than five minutes
  • Electrical 120/220 VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz